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With over 20 years of experience in conducting on-site job analyses with hundreds of employers, Hughes Occupational Consultants provide a variety of job analyses to meet your needs.

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what you need to know about return-to-work job analysis

Senate Bill 899 demonstrates Legislative intent to encourage and reward employers who offer modified or alterative positions to injured employees who require job modification.

  • Labor Code 139.48 provides reimbursement for costs related to job modification to small employers (50 or fewer employees) who might otherwise lack the necessary resources.
  • Labor Code 4658.6 exempts employers (regardless of size) from the requirement to provide a voucher where a modified or alterative position is offered to the injured employee who needs job modification or reassignment.
  • Labor Code 4658.1(d) (2/3) provides for increases or decreases in weekly PD payment depending on whether the employer offered (15% decrease in PD payments) or failed to offer (15% increase in PD payments) for employers with 50 or more employees.

Now more than ever, Job Analysis can be an important tool when exploring modified or alternative work opportunities.

usual and customary job analysis

A Usual and Customary Job Analysis is a detailed on-site analysis that delineates the essential and marginal functions, as well as the physical demands of the position held at the time of injury. This analysis is conducted with the employee and employer and is signed by both parties (and applicant's attorney, if applicable). This analysis can be used for the following purposes:

  • Determining Medical Eligibility and Rating Purposes
  • Determining Accommodations during the Interactive Process

modified/alternative job analysis

A Modified or Alternative Job Analysis is a detailed on-site analysis that delineates the essential and marginal functions, as well as the physical demands, of a modified/accommodated or alternative position that is offered to an employee. This analysis assures the new position is within the employee's physical restrictions and is usually conducted with the employer only.

At an additional cost digital photos and videos are available on all job analyses to further support the printed job analysis for visual clarification.



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