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you can reduce Workers' Compensation Costs by 15%!

PD Incentives for RTW: SB 899 creates an additional financial incentive for employers who retain their injured employees in medically appropriate positions - and a disincentive for those who do not.

Effective January 1, 2005, L.C. §4658(d)(2) provides for an increase in PD payments of 15% to injured employees whose employers are unable or unwilling to provide medically appropriate work within 60 days of P&S (applies only to employers with 50 or more employees). L.C. §4658(d)(3) (A) allows for a decreases of 15% in PD payments to employers who do offer medically appropriate work within 60 days of P&S (applies to all employers).

The increase/decrease in payments begins when the employers advises the employee regarding the availability, or lack thereof, but not later than 60 days after P&S; the increase/decrease is not retroactive.

"Medically appropriate work" includes regular duties, modified jobs, or alternative positions as dictated by the employee's work restrictions. The 15% decrease applies to an employer's offer of employment and is not dependent on the employee's acceptance of the offer. Since litigation can be expected on this provision, job descriptions/analyses for modified and alternative positions would be advisable to demonstrate that assigned duties are within work restrictions. (Source: Allen Leno)

An ergonomic Worksite Evaluations & Job Modification will return your injured employees back to work in a timely manner and save you 15% on the settlement. Hughes Occupational Consultants has 24 years experience in Job Analysis and Ergonomic evaluations.

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